UI/UX Design Careers and Jobs In India

Are you someone who likes to see how an application interface is designed and looks like? If you're someone who likes visual designs, the psychology behind a human-computer interaction and wants to delve deeper into the technical know-how of how a mobile or website design works then a career in User Interface/User Experience design (UI/UX) might just be the thing for you! We will try to answer some of the basic questions that you might have regarding UI/UX be it a beginner who's looking for the right course or a professional looking for a career switch to give you a head start in this offbeat and interesting career.


What is the Difference between UX and UI Design - A Beginner's Guide

User interface (UX) designers are responsible for developing an overall experience for the user as they connect with a digital or physical object, such as a website or a coffee machine. Some focus on service design, such as designing the user environment of using public transit or consulting a doctor.

Their primary concern is to research users, to consider their behavior, and to design a user's experience that allows users to accomplish their desired tasks with minimal effort.